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8th IBRA International Conference on Tropical Bees and VI Encontro sobre Abelhas

Fecha del Evento: 6 septiembre 2004 | Dirección: Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

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6-10 Setiembre 2004


Continuing the well-known series of conferences on bees and beekeeping in the tropics, held by IBRA every four years since 1976.

The meeting in 2004 will be held in conjunction with the Brazilian Bee Research Meeting - Encontro Sobre Abelhas - which has been held in Ribeirao Preto every two years since 1994. It is the main meeting for bee research in Brazil, and has had about 300 participants (all directly involved in honey bee and native bee research) from all over Brazil. Speakers from other countries, including the USA, various countries in Europe, Africa, and other parts of South America also participate. The last meeting had 46 oral presentations and about 300 posters. Proceedings (with over 350 pages) are published and given to the participants on the first day. In 2004 this meeting will be held in conjunction with the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) International Conference on Tropical Apiculture. The IBRA conference is held every four years. The last two events were held in Costa Rica and Thailand. All of the talks and posters will be in English, so that we can better integrate with our foreign guests. We expect about 500 participants in this combined event.

This will be an excellent opportunity to get to know Brazilian Bee Researchers. The University of Sao Paulo campus in Ribeirao Preto alone has 11 professors and over 40 graduate students and postdocs actively involved in bee research. It has the world's largest collection of stingless social bees (Meliponini), with over 300 species. It is also a world-recognized centre for research on Africanized honey bees and on the Varroa mite. Brazil probably has more bee researchers than anywhere else in the world.

The themes covered at the conference are:
• Apis biology
• Pollinator protection initiatives
• Nesting biology
• Bee pathology
• Bee diversity in the tropics
• Advances in genomic and molecular physiology
of bees (I and II)
• Communication and foraging behaviour of bees
in tropical climates
• Advances in molecular taxonomy of tropical bees
• Africanization process: causes and consequences
• Agribusiness: hive products, processing and marketing
• Stingless bee biology
• Sensory perception and learning in bees
• Bee products in medical research
• Sustainable beekeeping development

Technical visits

On 8 September, the third day of the meeting, there will be mid-conference excursions to the university campus to visit the research laboratories and apiaries, as well as a trip to a bee product processing company - Apis Flora - the only such company that has ISO 9002, and a visit to Professor Paulo Nogueira-Neto's farm that has an extensive collection of stingless bee colonies (as well as social spiders!) that have been studied by researchers from all over the world.

Pre- and post-conference tours

Pre- and post-conference tours to places such as the Amazon forest and the Brazilian Pantanal are available at extra cost. You can contact Hardy Tours, the tourist agency dealing with these tours, directly by going to their web site at: or e-mail them at

Venue and conference hotel

This event will be held at the JP hotel in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. The JP hotel is a five star hotel with several swimming pools, a tennis court and other facilities on a pleasant, beautifully landscaped five hectare property, at the entrance to Ribeirao Preto. The website for this hotel is in English, Spanish and Portuguese. When you make your reservations, you should indicate that you are participating in the Bee Research Meeting as there is a 30% discount on the room rates for conference participants. The prices in dollars are quite reasonable. E-mail your inquiries about hotel reservations to: Reserve your room soon, as space is limited! Other hotels will be made available, but they will require vehicular transportation to the event site.

Online Registration

Online Registration forms for International Delegates now are available. Please note that all non-residents of Brazil must register as International Delegates.

International Delegate Registration forms are available on the web for delegates wishing to pay in either $US, £ sterling or Euros.

Local Delegates (resident in Brazil only) should contact

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